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" You can't stop the waves

but you can learn 

how to surf ! "



Jon Kabat-Zinn


What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness means coming into relationship with the present moment, by engaging with what's happening, moment by moment and breath by breath.


I teach a set of mindfulness practices that originate from Buddhism which have been shown to be effective in managing stress and low mood. 


Mindfulness is a way of life,

enabling us to open up to more choice, 

and freedom.

Why Mindfulness?


Mindfulness enables us to observe our reactions to stress without getting caught up in them.


We become more aware of our senses, our thoughts and feelings. This creates a gap, in which we can respond to the demands of life creatively without being overwhelmed.


Thus mindfulness enables us to manage our stress, taking our lives in the direction that we choose.


What's on offer?


Kate Gooch teaches mindfulness practices in Brighton


  • to groups  

  • one-to-one

  • distance learning

  • workshop




Mindfulness on Latest Tv

Kate Gooch Interviewed on Latest TV

"It brought a calmness that I'm very grateful for.  The teaching was excellent and the group very helpful"

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