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Our Online Mindfulness Courses

If you’re struggling to maintain your well-being and sense of humour, in these unsettling times, help is at hand!


Kate Gooch, a qualified mindfulness teacher with over 14 years of experience will be running our 8 week online Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (MBCT)/Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course and the Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Course  (MBCT). We hope we can provide you helpful tools to work with anxiety and stress, maximize your resilience and discover a healthy sense of connection. 

Why not contact me for an informal chat if you'd like to know a little more?

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living

Deepening Mindfulness with Heartfulness (MBCL)

Start Date

Wednesday 13th Jan to 10th March 2021 2-4pm

Cost: £120/90

This online mindfulness-based compassionate living course (MBCL) is suitable for  those looking to deepen their practice.  We will have a weekly session lasting 2 hours

How will the course benefit you?

replace avoidance and resistance with resilience

replace anxiety and drive with joy, lightness and comfort

increase well-being and acceptance 

What will you learn?

You will develop a loving kindness and compassion practice which can help you address suffering in yourself and others, and develop tools to alleviate it. 

Through meditation, focus on our body and breath, and other tools,  we learn self-compassion and kindness, and how to work on ourselves with gentleness and tenderness.

During the course, we have the opportunity to move through the resistance, trauma, pain and fear that we may have held in our bodies, hearts and minds for years.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)- Finding Peace in a  Frantic World

Start Date

Fridays 10-11.30 am 28th January 2022 to 25th March (no class 4 March) 

Cost: £120/90

An online 8 week mindfulness course which includes a component of cognitive behavioural therapy (MBCT). We will have a weekly session lasting 1.5 hours.

What are the benefits?

develop tools for managing anxiety and overwhelm.


reduce low mood and increase well-being

establish a regular mindfulness practice

find more opportunities for joy in your life

prevent relapse into depression for those in recovery.

What will you learn?

During the course we use mindfulness practices, meditation and other techniques to help us recognise negative thought patterns. These patterns can lower  mood and may result in anxiety and depression.

The course will help you create a different relationship to the thoughts: to be aware but not overwhelmed by them.

By releasing ourselves from the trap of habitual negative thinking we can enhance mood and sense of well-being. We can improve our connection to the world and our bodies enabling us to find more joy in our lives.

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