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Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) in Hove

New 8 week Compassion course for Mindfulness graduates  (who've completed MBCT/MBSR/Breathworks courses) or those with a mindfulness practice


  • deepens mindfulness practice through heartfulness

  • uses the body and breath to create feelings of safety, connection and security

  • develops meditation to connect us with feelings of kindness and compassion


On this eight week course, self-compassion and kindness are developed through training the mind and heart. We practice tuning into embedded patterns of judgement and difficulty, which cause us suffering. The qualities of kindness and care that we learn to bring to difficulty enable us to open to avoided pain with greater softness and tenderness. Over time, we can gradually move through the resistance, trauma, pain and fear that we may have held in our bodies, hearts and minds for years. 

Benefits include

  • less avoidance and resistance to difficulty ​

  • greater acceptance

  • accessing a  sense of soothing and comfort, rather than drive and anxiety 

  • increased well being


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MBCL courses in Brighton and Hove

MBCT​ (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) in Brighton


  • reduces low mood

  • prevents relapse into depression for people who are well

  • establishes a regular mindfulness  practice


The MBCT course is comprised of 8 weekly sessions of 2 hours.
There is also an initial phone orientation (up to 30 mins).


It includes a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) component which brings awareness to the automatic negative thinking that can perpetuate low mood and depression.


An MBCT course brings us into a different relationship to our thoughts, being aware of them but not identifying with them. This moves us away from being trapped in habitual thought patterns that can create depression and low mood.




Benefits include

  • greater flexibility in how we respond to thoughts

  • broader perspective in which to view our lives

  • increased well being

  • may prevent relapse into depression

Next course: Monday 17th January 2023 7-9pm until 27th March 2023 

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MBCT courses in Brighton

Mindfulness Courses in Brighton

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